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5 Easy Landscape Photography Tips That Will Take Your Photos To the Next Level

  5 EASY LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS THAT WILL TAKE YOUR PHOTOS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! If you’ve hit a roadblock in your landscape photography and need some inspiration, I have five tips that are essential to landscape photography and will help take your photos to the next level. Landscape Photography Tip #1 Landscape Photography Tip […]

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Understanding Focal Length Definition of a Camera Lens

Welcome to our Easy to Understand Guide to Understanding Focal Length Definition in Camera Lenses What is Focal Length? In previous articles, we explained 3 critical principles of photography: Aperture, ISO, and Shutter speed , make sure to read those articles if you haven’t done so yet, to fully understand how these key principles of photography affect […]

How Choose Your First Camera Lens for DSLR

First DSLR Lenses to Buy Guide

Welcome to our Guide on the First DSLR Lenses to Buy for Beginner Photographers Today, we will go over how to choose the First DSLR lens to Buy beyond the initial kit Lens that comes with most DSLR camera packages. And the reason we are going to help you with that is, it’s a really […]

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Easy to Understand Shutter Speed Definition for Photography

Welcome to Our Easy to Understand Shutter Speed Definition Training in Photography What is Shutter Speed? Well it may seem like the answer is obvious, there’s more to shutter speed than meets the eye. Let’s take a closer look. Shutter speed is one of the three pillars of photography. The other two being ISO and aperture. Also […]

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Easy to Understand Aperture Definition in Photography

Welcome to Our Easy to Understand Aperture Definition Guide for Beginner Photography What is the Definition of Aperture? Like many concepts in beginner photography, understanding Aperture can be challenging so our goal is to really make it easy to understand in this Aperture Photography Guide. At it’s simplest definition,  Aperture refers to the opening of a […]

Multiple Camera Lenses

Different Types of Camera Lenses and Their Uses

Welcome to the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Understanding Different Types of Camera Lenses and their Potential Uses If you are starting to get involved in photography or simply decided it’s finally time to graduate from your camera phone or point and shoot camera to a DSLR then your head is probably swimming with a lot […]