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What are we all about?

The first thing you will want to know about us is that we aren’t experts in every topic that we may cover on this site, we think it’s only fair to get that out of the way right up front. But in fairness, we don’t know if it’s even possible to be an expert on all the different topics we plan on covering on this blog. What we do know is that we have a knack for researching, learning, and teaching new topics to people so it’s easy to learn. That is our simple mission at TrainerAtHeart.com, to learn and disseminate credible and easy to understand information on the topics you care about.


How did we get started?

Our founder had a training and development background and specialized in coaching people on complex topics in Neuroscience and Pharmaceuticals. He was pretty good at it at least that’s what lot’s of people told him. Frank really enjoyed coaching people from his days as a soccer coach all the way through his corporate time as a national trainer in the medical field. One thing he truly believed that everyone learns differently, and it was his job to teach the information in different ways until that person truly understood it.  We take that same approach and pride in everything we do, there is endless information on the internet on every topic in the world. Our goal is to take that information, weed out the junk, and curate a site of credible, authentic, and helpful information on topics that interest you and us.


Learning never ends- So always do your research until your 100% satisfied.

We will do our best to pass on helpful and complete information but please understand the opinions, tutorials, reviews on this site are not the end all be all, so we encourage you to keep learning until you are 100% happy in your understanding of the topic or product you are researching. We would love you to take our word for everything we write, but that’s not realistic or healthy when it comes to improving knowledge, so keep learning!


How do we keep the lights on?

Throughout our blog, you may come across various affiliate links to Amazon or other stores. If you follow one of these links and make a purchase then we will get a small commission for the product you purchase, there is never any additional cost from this commission that comes out of your pocket.  Even still we want to be totally transparent in everything we do, so this is part of it.  In the end, if you think our information was helpful and we aided in you making a good decision then we would love it use one of our links to make the purchase if you are uncomfortable with that no worries just head to the site on your own, we are still thankful for you visiting.